Academy Squads

We’ll try our best to keep up with all the ins and outs at Academy level, but please bear in mind that with so many players coming in and out, this may not always be possible.


Stoke City Under 21 Squad

Goalkeepers: Dale Eve | Daniel Gyollai | Dominic Kurasik

Defenders: Lewis Banks | Ben Barber | Liam Edwards | Bobby Moseley | Ryan O’Reilly | Johnville Renee-Pringle | Mason Watkins-Clark

Midfielders: Eddy Lecygne | Ollie Roberts | Joel Taylor | Sergio Molina | Moha | Mark Waddington | Ollie Shenton

Forwards: Yusuf Coban | Peter Skapetis | George Waring | Dom Telford

Stoke City Under 18 Squad

Goalkeepers: Tommy Dyche | Chris Marques

Defenders: Theo Brierley | Tom Edwards | Harvey Read | Luis Silva | Liam Smith | Toby Wells | Josh Williams

Midfielders: Ed Dryden | Jake Dunwoody | Daniel Jarvis | Thibaud Verlinden | Freddy Yao

Forwards: Shola Ayoola | Julien N’Goy | Tom Shepherd